about crptm
about crptm

Normal Is Now Obsolete. Be Different, Be Smart, With CRPTM as your Crypto Buddy that evolves with evolving times.

Normal Is Now Obsolete. Be Different, Be Smart, With CRPTM as your Crypto Buddy that evolves with evolving times.

that evolves with evolving times.

Demystifying Crypto

CRPTM is on a mission to uncover the fullest potential of cryptocurrency by empowering users with a range of services that were never available nor accessible before.


We have seen crypto business models evolving with time; at times due to market changes and at times, due to technological advancements. Cryptocurrency is still a new area for many people. Due to lack of knowledge and the processes revolving around the cryptocurrencies (taxes and other government regulations), people or businesses find it difficult to adapt.​

We are building a crypto marketplace that will;

  • Be integrated with Crypto cloud APIs to support multiple exchanges and wallets at one place.
  • Help in managing user portfolios and crypto taxes.
  • Act as a Crypto Buddy, an AI/ML based intuitive tool that will help users in their crypto journey.
  • Act as an analysis platform, including prediction for profile optimization​, enabling users to Pay by Crypto for different services​.

We realize the dire need to have a simplified platform for customers and businesses that is easy to use and can help them adapt to this fast-growing market.

Which is why, we act as a catalyst to such advancements through our services ranging from portfolio management, investment strategies, tax reporting, pay-by-crypto, and much more.

Our Story

At CRPTM, we cherish the vision of offering our users a trusted, credible, and accessible platform to help them, and us, excel in the Cryptocurrency World. Most of us have faced inconveniences while filling cryptocurrency taxes or exchanging them for local usage due to lack of, or inaccessibility to, one online platform.

We are passionate about making all crypto transactions transparent and simplifying the process for ease of navigation and use, enabling our users with a seamless experience.

We have deciphered, decoded, and mastered the encrypted crypto market formula to help propel our services further to benefit our users, and achieve newer heights of success in the Cryptocurrency Market.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify Cryptocurrency transactions by providing specialized solutions through our range of services. We aim to familiarize our users with new, easy and simple ways of tax filing, currency exchange, investment recommendations and much more, using Cryptocurrency.

Our Vision

Our vision is to liberalize money, globally. We believe that providing a common platform for transacting Anytime and Anywhere can significantly make the world a better place.

Our Values Define Us

Customer-First Approach

We start with the customer, understand and evaluate their pain points, and then work backwards.

We put our customers before everything else and strive to deliver stellar customer experience.


We own the product. "It's not my job" doesn't exist in our dictionary and vocabulary.

We take ownership very seriously and strive to honor commitments we've made.

Simplify and Evolve

We innovate for, and offer simplified solutions to, our customers.

We develop processes that are easy to understand, learn, and use, and continue to evolve with the in-demand customer needs.

Prioritize Highest Standards

We raise the bar higher with every milestone achieved to consistently deliver high-quality solutions.

We ensure first-hand resolution of defects and problems to ensure a seamless experience.

Drive Results

We are results driven and ensure timely delivery of the right quality outcomes.

Setbacks are not roadblocks for us. We always rise to the occasion and never compromise quality.

Credible and Reliable

We comply with regulations and processes, ensuring company and customer data is secure and safe.

We are focused on offering top-tier products coupled with industry-leading services.

Diverse & Unified

We work as one unit, one team; towards one goal, one mission.

We put diversity, equity, and inclusion at the core of all things critical, building and nurturing empowered teams.


We quickly adapt to, and are agile with, changing times.

We are curious to explore, investigate, learn, reinvent, and implement within our space and the world around us.

Deliver Excellence

We continuously improve on our work, products, and processes, with a focus on driving brand equity.

Our customers are our assets, and we are committed to offering enhanced end-user value and outcomes.Our customers are our assets, and we are committed to offering enhanced end-user value and outcomes.

Insightful and In-Depth

We Research, Analyze, Identify, Organize, Prepare, and then Act.

We invest in our customers by offering features backed by insights and analytics through ongoing R&D.

Act and Iterate

We focus on taking action. We ensure that we are the "true north" on our customers' compass, ensuring progressive outputs.

We move swiftly and judiciously, and iterate toward optimized solutions.

Envision & Scale Up

We are open-minded, positive, innovative, creative, progressive, and devoid of self-imposed limitations.

We foster an environment that is forward-thinking and brings in new-to-the-world concepts that drive optimal value and scalability.

We are serious about simplifying crypto related processes for our users, which is why our motto is an inherent part of our values.

Our Motto

  • SIMPLIFY cryptocurrency related processes
  • INTEGRITY at the heart of our core values
  • MEANINGFUL services to our users
  • PURSUE excellence
  • LEVERAGE market trends
  • INNOVATE and activate
  • FOLLOW rules & regulations
  • YOU are our priority as our customer