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KuCoin tax calculator and report generator

Connect KuCoin To CRPTM

Simplify your KuCoin Tax Calculation & Report Generation

Integrate via API, calculate your KuCoin transaction tax liability with ease, monitor your trading assets and portfolio history.

Integrate via API, calculate your KuCoin transaction tax liability with ease, monitor your trading assets and portfolio history.

A Bit About KuCoin

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to buy, trade, and invest in a variety of cryptocurrencies. Whatever your crypto investments are, integrating Kucoin with CRPTM makes it simple and easy to generate your tax report, enabling you to pay your taxes on time.

How to extract my transactions from KuCoin for tax calculation and portfolio management?

CRPTM connects to KuCoin through an API to make tax reporting for your cryptocurrency simple and easy. CRPTM then becomes your ideal KuCoin Tax Tool once it is linked. How? CRPTM will calculate your KuCoin taxes based on where you live and prepare your EOFY tax report in just a few minutes. What's more, all you have to do at tax time is download a copy of your tax statement from CRPTM and submit it to your local tax authority office- you're done!

How to generate the API Key and API Secret on KuCoin?

  • Login to your KuCoin account.
  • To the top right corner, select “API management” on the drop-down tab under your account.
  • Select “Create API” button
  • Enter the name of your choice in the API name box section
  • Enter the passphrase of your choice in the API passphrase box section
  • Ensure all permissions are enabled as “read-only” access. If not, select “General” and enable it.
  • For verification, you will have to enter your;
    • Trading password (that you created when you signed up for the KuCoin account)
    • SMS verification code (if you have enabled the two-factor verification process)
    • Google verification code, if applicable
  • A new API pop-up will appear- copy the Passphrase, API Key and API Key Secret
  • Return to CRPTM

PS: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to disable the ‘Trade’ and ‘Withdraw’ permissions for this API Key for added security purposes.

How to connect to CRPTM with the KuCoin tax report API?

  • Login to your CRPTM account
  • Click on the “Add Account” button
  • Select “KuCoin” from the Add Account section
  • Paste your passphrase in the passphrase section
  • Paste your API Key onto the API key box section
  • Paste the API Key Secret onto the API secret box section
  • Click on “Connect Account” button
import kucoin account
import kucoin account mobile

Tada! Your Kucoin account is now connected to CRPTM

Here’s some good to know information for you.

Sync time may take a few minutes if you send CRPTM data via API integration, especially if you have a lot of transactions. Once your data has synced, you'll see it in the “My Accounts” section. In 2019, KuCoin came up with some major updates. For users with an account created prior to this update, there may be difficulties in importing transactions correctly. If you face any concerns in the integration process, please contact us. We’d be happy to help.

Still having trouble integrating KuCoin to CRPTM?

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