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Recommendation Engine:

CRPTM’s recommendation tool powered by Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms is a one-of-its-kind and gets better in its predictions with every click. It facilitates better Crypto projections and personalized recommendations for Crypto investors.

Why do you need a Recommendation Engine?

Increased Chances of successful investmentPersonalizationSurprisesInsightful Reporting

Why do you need a Recommendation Engine?

3 Easy Steps to Recommendation Engine

Import Transactions

Import all your bitcoins from across different online wallets and link them to your CRPTM profile so that your bitcoins reflect in your wallet.

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Get Recommendations

Run a personalized recommendation report using CRPTM’s AI-powered engine that checks all your transaction history and crypto projections to offer personalized recommenda- tions.

purchase next bitcoin

Purchase Next Bitcoin

You can purchase bitcoins as per the recommended timelines and bitcoin trends and performances to gain maximum benefit from your investments.

Features of Recommendation Engine:

recommendation engine