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Your Privacy Matters

CRPTM assures you that your ‘Privacy is Protected’ at all times. We will NEVER divulge or share any of your personal information or data with any third party without your explicit written consent*

*Subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy

We care about your Privacy

Subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy, it is important to note that we will NEVER share any of your personal data with any third party without first obtaining your explicit consent.

Privacy Policy

Acceptance of CRPTM Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

CRPTM Inc.(“CRPTM,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) has designed this Privacy Policy to help you understand, and to explain and provide you with an understanding of the personal data/information that we collect, how we use or intend to use it and/or share it, as well as your choices regarding our information policies and practices. Through the CRPTM website (the “Site”) and our mobile application (the “App”), we intend to track the performance of your cryptocurrency exchanges and portfolio, and assist you in calculating taxes, and matters related to your capital gains and capital losses (or the “Service”). Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using the “Service” or submitting any personal information or data to CRPTM so that you are fully informed of these policies and procedures, and your corresponding rights. We request you to contact us if you have any concerns or questions. By utilizing our “Site,” “App,” and “Services,” you consent to the policies set forth in this Privacy Policy. Please do not access the “Site” and/or “App” or use any of the “Services,” if you do not agree with these privacy policy terms and conditions. This Privacy Policy is legally binding and together with our Terms of Service forms part of our CRPTM “Terms of Use.”


The meanings of the first letter of the word in which it's capitalized are defined under the following circumstances and conditions. Regardless of whether they are used in a single or plural form, the following definitions shall have the same meaning.


For the purposes of, and in line with this Privacy Policy:

A user account is a separate account created for you and your use of our "Services" or specific parts/sections of our “Service.”

Company (also referred to as "The Company," "Us," "We," or "Our" in this Privacy Policy Agreement) refers to or denotes CRPTM Inc., associated with the address- 17739 Lemarsh St., Northridge, CA 91325.

Cookies refer to small files that a website puts on Your computer, mobile device, or any other operating device when You visit the "Site," containing information about Your online/browsing activity and/or history, among its several other uses.

Country refers to or denotes Delaware, United States.

Device refers to any device that is used to access the "Service" such as a laptop, desktop computer, digital tablet, and/or a smartphone/cell phone.

Personal Data refers to any information that is related to an identifiable or identified individual/person(s).

Service means anything related to the “Website”

Service Provider refers to any legal/natural person(s) who is responsible for processing the information/data on behalf of the "Company." It refers to or denotes a third-party company(ies) or individual(s) who are employed by the "Company" to help facilitate the "Service," and to provide the "Service" on behalf of the "Company," and/or to perform a range of services related to or that comes within the "Service," and/or to assist/support the "Company" in analyzing how the "Service" is being used or used.

Usage Data means the data that is being collected automatically, which is either generated by utilization of the "Service" and/or from the infrastructure of the "Service" itself (for e.g., the duration or timespan of a page visit.)

Website refers to or denotes CRPTM, which is accessible at www.crptm.com

You refers to or denotes an individual who is accessing or utiliziing the "Service," nd/or the resources/offerings of the "Company," and/or any other legal entity(ies) on behalf of which the individual is accessing or utilizing the "Service," as per directive or as applicable.

Data Collection: Types

Personal Information/Data

When you use "Our Service," we may request any information that is personally identifiable and that may be utilized to identify or contact You. However, this does not apply where the data is anonymized or de-personalized or any information that is inclusive of, but isn't limited to:

  • First name and Last name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Usage Data
  • Residential Address

And other related important information/data…

Usage Data

  • When using the "Service," we automatically acquire the "Usage Data."
  • Your Device's "Internet Protocol" address (e.g. IP address), browser version, browser type, the pages that You visit of our Service, the date and time You visited, the timespan or duration spent on each of our Website pages, the unique device identifiers, and several other diagnostic information/data may all be included in,or as part of, the "Usage Data."
  • When You use a mobile device, laptop, desktop computer, and/or digital tablet to access the Website and/or Service, We may collect information/data automatically, which is inclusive of, but isn't limited to, Your device, and/or type or model of the device that You are using, Your device's unique IP address, device ID, operating system, Internet browser You are using, unique device identifiers and several other related diagnostic data, which becomes part of the "Usage Data."
  • We may collect data/information from You whenever You visit our Website and/or Service or are utilizing our Website and/or Service by accessing them from any type of device.

It is critical to understand that we will NEVER share any personal data/information about you with a third party unless you express your consent or give us a written permission to do so, as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data

  • "Personal Data" refers to or denotes any data/information that can be utilized to directly or indirectly, identify, a natural person or legal entity.
  • "Personal Data" is inclusive of, but isn't limited to, your full name, mailing/correspondence/shipping address(es), email address(es), cryptocurrency wallet data/information, and tax-related data/information.

Please be advised that this Privacy Policy does not apply to “Personal Data” that we obtain through any means other than CRPTM Platforms and/or Services.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance of CRPTM Privacy Policy

You acknowledge that You have had the opportunity to review and evaluate this Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions of Use included within this, which is also inclusive of all of its provisions, and that you agree to all of them.

By clicking "Accept" or otherwise using the CRPTM Platforms and/or Services, You acknowledge that you have read and understood all the inclusions in this Privacy Policy, which also means that you give unbiased and uninterrupted permission and consent to the use of your Personal Data as described in this Privacy Policy. Please immediately stop utilizing CRPTM Platforms and/or Services if you do not consent to, understand, or agree to this Privacy Policy or do not agree to one or more provisions of its Terms of Use.

You agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use under which this Policy has specifically incorporated the entirety of the CRPTM Terms of Use by reference.

Consent To CRPTM Processing your Data/Information

You agree that through your use of the CRPTM Platforms and/or Services, we may collect and process your Personal Data in a variety of ways as we deem fit to. We will gather and handle your Personal Data in a lawful, transparent, and fair manner, as well as where appropriate with your consent and/or knowledge.

By signing up for the CRPTM Platforms and/or Services, you consent and agree to us (CRPTM) processing of Your Personal Data as set forth in this Privacy Policy. Collecting, storing, deleting, utilizing, and disclosing Personal Data is referred to as "Processing" in this Policy.

Information/Data Type that CRPTM may collect

CRPTM aims to collect and/or use "Data Minimization" methodology(ies) and/or practices and techniques in our business operations. This means that we will only collect and handle the necessary amount and/or volume of Personal Data to operate the CRPTM Platforms and/or Services and run our business operations. The following are some of the data/information that we may obtain via the utilization of our CRPTM Platforms/Services:

  1. Collection of Registered and/or Personal Data/Information You will be asked to register a unique account to utilize the CRPTM Platforms/Services. During the process of Your Account Registration, You will be required to create a unique login (verified email address) and password for your account.
  2. Your Billing Information If you choose to or want to use any of our paid Services, you must provide a valid billing address with information such as your credit card or debit card details and billing address. The Personal Data you provide will be used exclusively to provide You with the Services that you have paid for. For legal purposes, payment and billing details and information might be kept for as long as required by law (for example, accounting records and/or tax records). However, please be advised that we only hold a tokenized form of such data/information and will not keep any information/data of card payments on our servers.
  3. Financial & Cryptocurrency Data/Information You may be asked to submit each cryptocurrency wallet(s) that you own and utilize to connect the Website and/or Service, as well as the transaction history for each transaction, including the amounts and dates. You may also be requested to provide us with general portfolio information and other data/information that will aid us in providing the CRPTM Services to you, as well as ensuring the security and safety of the CRPTM Services. We may get the transaction history from the blockchain, acquire it from the exchange that processed your transaction for you (if you give us the 'read' access to your CRPTM Account at the relevant exchange) or obtain it via materials or information you submit through the Service, depending on how you set up your CRPTM account. This might be accomplished by uploading a CSV file with wallet data to Your Wallet, or perhaps via some other ways.
  4. Information about Your Use of CRPTM Services You may be questioned about how to improve CRPTM Services or communicate with representatives of CRPTM (for instance, for customer support) when you volunteer to respond to surveys, questionnaires, and/or requests for market research seeking your opinion, feedback, and inputs as a result of your utilization of the CRPTM Services. We will gain access to Your email address and any other information you provide us, as well as the substance of your communications, answers/responses to questions/queries, and any other contact between you and CRPTM. We'll utilize the Personal Data in your emails only for the purpose of delivering the goods and enhancing CRPTM's services.
  5. Information Received Through Automatic Collection We may gather information from You using automatic tracking technologies on Your device or other web and mobile analysis programs.
  6. Device Data/Information We may collect data/information such as Your IP address, the browser you use to access the Website and/or Service, and a referral source code. The data we gather may differ based on your device settings and type. This information may be used for our company's operations, including analyzing the usage of CRPTM Platforms and/or Services.
  7. Social Media Data/Information We have social media accounts and presence on major platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. Based on your settings, we may get or provide personal information such as your profile information when you interact with us on social media platforms/channels.
  8. Email Open and/or Click Information We may collect your IP & email addresses, and date and time you accessed and/or opened your email as well as any links you clicked on in the message you received in our email addresse(s).
  9. Personal Data/Information Obtained from Third Parties

Tax Data/Information: If you give your CRPTM Account to third-party tax advisors, and they cannot establish your identity based on the data/information we collect when you create your account, we may gather more data/information about you from them, such as your social security number's last four digits, etc.. Please bear in mind that we do not capture or keep your complete social security number.

Third-party Login Data/Information: When you connect, link, or log in to the Website and/or Service using a third-party service like Google, you are instructing such third parties to provide data/information about your account on that service as permitted by that service's terms of use or privacy settings.

Non Personal Data Collection

We may gather Personal Data via Internet Activity Information through the use of the following technology(ies):

We may also gather Non-Personal Data like operating systems, browser types, and website URLs that are visited to and from the CRPTM Platforms/Services, as well as links or other technology we may utilize in the CRPTM Services to analyze what kind of users visit our Site, how do they find our Site, how long do they stay on our Site, where they go from the CRPTM Services to use other services/websites, or from which other sources and websites do they come from to visit CRPTM Services, and what pages they look at while using other services and/or the CRPTM Services.

Cookies, which are small text files kept on your devices used for identifying your unique browser type, and store data/information or settings so you can navigate between pages more quickly, remember your preferences, enable features or functionalities, assist us in understanding user patterns and activity(ies), and help in facilitating online advertising.

HTML5 and similar other technologies that let you store data, inclusive of local storage technology such as cookies and/or cookie-equivalent features and functionality, inclusive of on your device(s) outside of your browser(s) with certain applications.

Cookies, tags, and pixels are all types of web beacons (also known as pixel tags or clear GIFs) that are used to indicate whether a website has been visited or opened, as well as whether specific material was clicked on or viewed.

Usage Of Personal Data and/or Information

How We May Utilize the Data/Information That We Gather?

The following are some of the things that we may do with your personal information:

A) Data/Information that We Gather: General Uses Your Personal Data is collected, used, and disclosed in the following ways; we primarily utilize the data we acquire to enable You to utilize CRPTM Services in a secure manner and provide the Services you request. We may also utilize Your Personal Information for marketing purposes, including.

i. For asking Your inputs/feedback on utilizing the CRPTM Services;
ii. For communicating with You with reference to responding to your queries/requests;
iii. To analyze our aggregate user data;
iv. To communicate for/with respect to any Modifications or Changes to our Terms of Use;
v. To provide Services to You;
vi. To give You advice on updates related to the CRPTM Services or related products/items;
vii. For other appropriate and legitimate reasons related to the Company's continuing/ongoing operations; or
viii. For providing information about comparable services to the ones You use.

We may aggregate and anonymize Your Personal Data:
(i) to better offer Services to You and continue to improve as well as update the CRPTM Services for Your use and the use of others; and
(ii) To share Personal Data with third parties as described in this Privacy Policy, but any aggregation would not result in the disclosure of our users Personal Data.

These activities are essential for our legal interests of providing support to our users, informing You of administrative updates/changes, customizing the experiences of our users, improving/enhancing the Service, and developing new services and features for our users.

We will seek your express permission and consent before utilizing your Personal Data for any reasons or purposes that are not stated in this Privacy Policy.

B) Promotional Communications and Marketing, Advertising

We may also send you marketing materials, such as newsletters or advertisements, related to the CRPTM Services from time to time. We may also provide You with information about the CRPTM Services or Your account with us that is relevant to your use of them from time to time, which includes data/information about any breach of security as well as other matters related to Your data privacy. Please be advised that such communications are not covered within the direct scope of marketing and related communications.

We may utilize Your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes such as email marketing after we obtain your express prior permission and consent, as permitted by law, inclusive of, but isn’t limited to:

  • Sending Newsletters to You;
  • Providing You with new services, products, recommendations and/or mobile applications;
  • Your Profiling; and
  • Delivering You with targeted information regarding our promotions with respect to or related to the CRPTM Services.

At any given time, in case you decide that you don't want to hear from us anymore, please send us Email OR you may visit the Contact Us page for more details.

CRPTM and our Advertising partners may utilize your Personal Data and/or Information for the purposes of advertising and marketing, inclusive of:

Interest-Based Marketing and Advertising

We work with advertising partners, such as third-party advertising firms and social media agencies, to display advertisements on the Service and other related online services. Cookies and similar technologies are becoming increasingly popular in businesses. We may use these to collect information about your activity over time across the Service, our communications, and other related online services, as well as utilize that data to target online advertisements to You, which is termed as Interest-Based Advertising. We may share data/information about our users with these businesses in order to help them serve interest-based advertisements to people who have previously visited our or similar websites (known as a "lookalike audience") on other online channels/platforms.

We may obtain your permission and/or consent for marketing needs when it necessitates. Compliance and Protection, as well as: complying with applicable laws, legal requirements, requests, and processes like sending responses to subpoenas or demands from government officials and authorities.

Protect Your and Others' privacy, rights, property, and/or safety (including by making, and by defending any legal claims);

Audit Compliance with lawful/legal and contractual needs as well as internal policies; and,
Identify, Investigate, Prevent, and deter any harmful, fraudulent, and unethical, unauthorized, or illegal activity(ies), inclusive of any cyber threats and attacks as well as identity theft.

All the aforementioned activities are critical towards our complying with legal obligations as we run processes: Our legal responsibilities and our legitimate interests are in maintaining and ensuring the safety and security that necessitate why we have such policies in place.
How Your Information May Be Disclosed or Shared

We may disclose Your information if we believe that it is necessary in certain circumstances, in our absolute and exclusive discretion. Such an action is limited to the cases when Personal Data is required for the purpose of:
(1) Provisioning of CRPTM Services;
(2) Purposes of Law enforcement; o,r
(3) Requests we have made, in the event that You have given your prior explicit permission and consent.

Please be advised that some third parties may be located in countries which do not fall within the boundaries of your nation.

Exceptions to the requirement for reasonable disclosure might include, but are not limited to, the examples listed below:

i. To satisfy the requirements of any state, local, or federal laws, rules and/or regulations;
ii. To respond to certain requests like a criminal, discovery, administrative and/or civil subpoenas, process, court orders, or writs from a law enforcement authority and/or any other legal/governmental bodies;
iii. To necessitate legal action in order to enforce our Terms of Use;
iv. As may deem necessary, for the seamless operations of the CRPTM Platforms/Services;
v. To cooperate, in general, with any lawful and/or legal investigations related to our users; or
vi. In case we suspect any illegal or fraudulent activity(ies) on our CRPTM Platforms/Services, or in case we’ve noticed any activity(ies) that we believe may violate our Policies and Terms of Use or any other applicable laws, rules or regulations.

Unless required by the law, we may disclose your personal information to the following third parties in the following situations:

A. Service Providers

We may share personal information with service providers to help us facilitate services, perform certain functions and services, as well as operate, and meet the needs of our business and the Company. Service providers may include cloud services, hosting services, and other information technology services, email communication software and email newsletter services, marketing and advertising services, customer relationship management, payment processors, analytics, and customer support services. Pursuant to instructions by us, these parties will be able to access, process, or store personal information in the course of fulfilling their obligations to us as directed by us. We take commercially reasonable measures to ensure service providers are following the security and safety standards we’ve set related to the use of your personal information.

B. Professional Advisors

We may share personal information with our professional advisors, such as attorneys and accountants, in order to provide the services they render to us. We will share your personal information with your tax or other advisors if you entrust it to them via your CRPTM account.

C. Business Transfers

Your personal information may be disclosed, in the diligence process, to counterparties and any others assisting with the Transaction, as well as transferred to an affiliate or a successor as part/section of or following the Transaction alongside other related assets, if we are involved in acquisition, merger, financing, bankruptcy, rre-organization, receivership, dissolution, sale of all or part of our assets, or service transition (collectively referred as a "Transaction") with your prior express consent.

D. Legal Requirements/Needs

We do not volunteer your personal data/information to government/legal authorities or regulators, but we may disclose your personal information for Protection and Compliance reasons as described above when it is necessary.

How Data/Information is Stored, Retained, and Kept Secure

A. Personal Data Protection

We take extraordinary measures to safeguard Your Personal Data from loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification. The personal data you provide is behind secured networks that are only accessible by authorized persons with specific access rights and who are obligated to keep the data private and confidential. When users enter, submit, or access their Personal Data, we use a variety of security technologies to protect them.

Please be advised to keep in mind that no information is sent via the Internet or saved on a computer system without risk. However, we take Your Personal Data storage and security very seriously, and therefore, we make reasonable efforts and measures to assure the ongoing integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your Personal Data. Nonetheless, we are not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of your Personal Data that occurs as a result of outside forces that are not within our control. You acknowledge and accept that CRPTM will have no responsibility for any data/information breach or unlawful disclosure of your Personal Data or information that we collect about You, and You expressly waive and disavow any claims you may have against CRPTM regarding the exposure, loss, disclosure, corruption, or damage, of your/or related to your Personal Data.

B. Notification of Breach

We will inform the proper legal authorities if a Personal Data breach occurs and take appropriate steps to minimize the loss or damage. We will notify you via email as soon as possible if this happens.

C. Duration of Retention

We retain personal information as long as necessary for the purposes as stated in this Privacy Policy, as follows:
i. While we’ve a business requirement or need to do so,
ii. As required by legal authorities and the law, for instance, legal purposes, tax purposes, accounting or other such related purposes,
iii. To ensure that we provide You with the services You requested for,
Whichever is of the longer duration.

In order to determine the appropriate or valid period of retention, we shall consider the personal information’s nature, amount, and sensitivity, as well as the potential harm or risk from the illegal and unauthorized disclosure or use of your personal data/ information, the purposes of utilizing your personal information, and whether we can achieve the purposes through any other ways, as well as keeping in mind the applicable and legal requirements.

You may ask to have your Personal Data deleted if they are no longer required to provide the services requested. Unless required by law, we will only keep your Personal Data for a certain amount of time or in accordance with our internal document retention standards and policies. If you have any further queries about this, please feel free to send us Email or visit Contact Us Page


Cookies are used by the CRPTM Services. These tiny/small files, which may be found on your computer or mobile device, keep track of your browsing habits and behavior. These cookies do not have access to any data that is stored on your respective device.

Cookies come in two varieties: persistent cookies (cookies that retain the validity until they expire, unless the user deletes them prior to the expiration date) and session cookies (cookies that are kept on a browser and are valid until the user closes the browser.) In the provision of the CRPTM Services, we may utilize both session and persistent cookies.

Cookies are used by CRPTM to assist us remember your account information. Cookies, for instance, are utilized to help us better customize and enhance our services based on past or present activities, preferences and related browsing behavior on the CRPTM Services. Cookies are also used to help us generate aggregate data about our CRPTM Services traction/traffic and engagement so that we may provide better services, user experiences, and features in the future. Other uses for cookies, inclusive of (but isn’t limited to) are the following:

  • To understand the user's preferences and save them for their future visits;
  • To keep track of the advertisements; and
  • To compile the aggregate data about traffic visits and related interactions to enable the provision of enhanced user experiences, features, and tools in the near future. We may utilize trusted third-party services that track all of this information on behalf of us.

Cookies are typically permitted by Internet browsers, however you may alter your browser configuration to limit cookies, including if or if not you would want them and if they may want to remove/delete them.

You may be able to configure your browser settings to enable it to send you notifications if a cookie is sent, or to delete or block cookies. Check the help information for your browser to learn how you can refuse cookies.

Utilizing Third-Party Service Providers

We may enlist the aid of third-party service providers in order to provide the CRPTM Services for You and all of our users. Such third-party service providers might include:

  • Cloud-computing Service Providers: AWS (Amazon Web Services) and any other cloud storage service providers;
  • User-information Logistics Providers: Google Analytics or any other analytics service company that help us track user information and their usage in general;
  • Web hosting Service Providers;
  • Newsletter Service Providers; and
  • Any other party that can assist us in the operation of the CRPTM Services and help us in conducting or facilitating our business.
  • If you provide Personal Data to a third-party service provider that is subject to the commitments outlined above, your data may be accessed by them as part of their provision of services to us.

Unless we obtain your prior explicit consent, we will not trade, sell, or transfer your Personal Data to any third party(ies) that are not explicitly mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Please be aware that certain Non-Personal Data may be shared with third parties for advertising, marketing, or other related purposes. Third-party behavioral tracking is allowed that might include non-Personal Data.

We are not accountable or responsible for the actions of third parties that are not explicitly mentioned in this Privacy Policy, and with whom You share Your Personal Data or Information with, nor do we have any power to manage, control, or administer solicitations from third parties.

Receiving Messages from CRPTM

We may provide You with marketing communications about the CRPTM Services from time to time, such as updates on new product features or other related information. We may also provide you with information about CRPTM Services or your account with us that is relevant to Your usage of these services, including breaches in data security or other matters related to privacy issues.

You have established a commercial relationship with us if you provide any personal information to us, or use CRPTM Services in any manner. As such, you also agree that any email from us or third-party affiliates, even if unsolicited, shall not be deemed “spam emails” under the law.

Third Party Links

The Service may contain third-party website links or mobile applications that are not controlled or operated by CRPTM (“Third Party Sites.”)

This Privacy Policy does not apply to the use or disclosure of information You provide to Third-Party Sites; instead, such usage and disclosure is governed by the specific privacy policies and terms of service of the Third-Party Sites.

We don't imply that we approve or have reviewed these sites when we provide these links.

We are not accountable or responsible in any way for the privacy, content, or security policies of any third parties, such as other websites, applications, or services that may be linked from or to our CRPTM Services.

Please contact the respective Third-Party Sites directly for any information related to their privacy and data protection, terms of use, and policies.

Accessing, Correcting, and Erasing Personal Data

We take reasonable precautions to ensure that the Personal Data and other information we collect and process is accurate, current, and complete. As a result, we ask that you maintain the most up-to-date Personal Data possible and update it via CRPTM Services as needed.

You can access, edit, and delete your Personal Data at any time by logging into CRPTM Services with your unique username and password and update it.

We will deactivate or delete your account and information from our active databases on your request to deactivate and close your user account.

Please send us Email or visit Contact Us if you'd like to access, update, or delete your Personal Data that CRPTM provides.

We will be glad to respond to your queries and requests within the earliest reasonable timeframe.

Privacy Shield

CRPTM will provide customers access to their personal information, as permitted by, and within our authorization scope, and in accordance with our privacy shield obligations and policies. When CRPTM identifies information that is unverified, incorrect, incomplete, or outdated, we will take reasonable steps to enable individuals to correct, update, or remove their personal information.

Your Rights

You have the option of refusing to provide certain Personal Data to us, but you may then be prevented from using the CRPTM Services or some or all of its features/benefits or few of its functionalities may be disabled and inaccessible to You. To maintain the CRPTM Services and to operate our business seamlessly without interferences and disruptions, we collect information. If you do not agree to any of the provisions of this Policy, you must immediately stop using CRPTM Services.


We do not encourage anyone under the age of 18 to utilize any of the CRPTM Services. Those who are under the age of 18 are not permitted to create an account with CRPTM or at any of our Platforms. However, we are unable to determine a person's age when they have accessed the CRPTM Services. If a minor under the age of 18 provides us with Personal Data without obtaining parental or guardian consent first, the parent or guardian may contact us requesting that we delete or anonymize the Personal Data. You may visit the “Contact Us” section of this Policy for specific details on who to reach out to for assistance in this matter.

Privacy Policy Modifications/Changes

CRPTM takes privacy seriously and is committed to following this Policy in order to maintain the privacy of your Personal Data. However, we have the right to amend / change / alter / modify this Privacy Policy at any time with or without any prior notice, at our exclusive and sole discretion.
Unless we get your express prior permission and consent, any modifications to the Policy will apply to Personal Data collected after the "last updated" date that is displayed at the start of this Policy on this page.

Please be advised that You are responsible for monitoring this Policy for any changes. Any modifications / alterations / changes / amendements that have been made since your last review of the CRPTM Services is presumed to have been acknowledged, accepted, and agreed to by your continued use of them.
We may request your explicit permission or consent to any major modifications in the Policy, or as required by applicable laws, rules and regualtions.


As we said before, we implement several organizational, technical, and physical security measures to safeguard your personal information as aforementioned. However, no security precautions are completely fail-proof, and we cannot guarantee the security and safety of your personal information. Please be advised that You assume all responsibility and accountability for any damage or loss that results from using the Service.

Data Protection Rights

All CRPTM users have the rights are follows:

i. Right to Know - You can ask for a list of the categories of Your personal information that CRPTM has gathered about you.

ii. Right to Access – You have the right to obtain copies of your personal data/information, which we keep about you in a commonly used, structured, and machine-readable format, from Our Company.

iii. Right to Rectification – You have the right to ask Our Company to correct any information you believe is incorrect about You. You also have the right to ask Our Company to complete any information you feel is lacking.

iv. Right to Erasure – You have the right to ask Our Company to delete your personal information that falls under certain criteria required to be met under certain applicable circumstances and conditions.

v. Right to Restrict Processing – You have the right to ask Our Company to limit the processing of your personal data, under certain applicable circumstances and conditions.

vi. Right to Object to Processing – You have the right to object to Our Company's utilization of your personal data, if you believe it is unlawful.

vii. Right to Data Portability – You have the right to ask Our Company to move the data it has gathered about You, under certain applicable circumstances and conditions.

viii. Right to Opt-out Advertising and/or Marketing - You have the right to opt-out of advertising or marketing communications by visiting the settings page of the Website.

After you submit your requests, we will evaluate your requests and respond to them as soon as possible within the earliest reasonable timeframe. Please send us Email or visit Contact Us if you wish to exercise any of the aforementioned rights.

Handling of Personal Data Feedback

You have the right to submit your feedback or complaints about how your Personal Data is being handled by us by sending it to the contact details as mentioned in the Policy's "Contact Information" section.

We will send you an email within a reasonable time period after submitting your request, confirming that we have received it. We will subsequently investigate your case and respond to it in a timely manner based on the information provided to us by You

If you live in the European Union but are dissatisfied with the conclusion of your complaint, you have the option of pursuing it through your local “data protection” authority.

Contact Information

If you have any queries or comments regarding our Privacy Policy or data handling procedures, please do not hesitate to Contact us

Last Revised on 15th June, 2022.